Yunnan Pu-erh Tea 100g


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Quantity /person

1 teaspoon

Water Temperature

95°C / 203°F

Suggested Steeping Time

20-30 seconds

Ideal Time Of Day To Drink
Any time

Yunnan Pu-erh Tea

This Pu-erh Tea is from the Yunnan Province, in the extreme SW tip of China, which some say is the original birthplace of tea.

This is a rich, fertile, and often very inaccessible region. Deep in Yunnan’s mountainous rural heart lies the market village of Pu-erh, where these extraordinary aged teas were first traded.

Technically a type of green tea, Pu-erh yields an almost red liquor with a distinctive, rich, mellow, sweet flavour and a delicious aroma reminiscent of stables.

To brew put one tsp of tea per person in a pot or Mug Infuser and add fresh, boiled water. Leave for 10 secs to rinse the tea, then discard the water. Pour on fresh water, brew for 20-30 secs and serve without milk. The leaves can be re-used several times – perhaps as many as 6 – 8 times, reducing the steeping time for each infusion.

Alternatively, you can treat Pu-erh like a strong blend and brew for a much longer time, say 5 mins or even longer. Please be aware that this would be strongly disapproved of in China! This brewing method produces a much stronger brew which some Westerners prefer.

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Additional information

Weight 100 g
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Contains Caffeine



Serve without milk

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