Japanese Genmai Cha Green Tea 100g


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Quantity /person

1 teaspoon

Water Temperature
75°C / 170°F
Suggested Steeping Time

2-3 mins

Ideal Time Of Day To Drink
Any time

Japanese Genmaicha Green Tea

Japanese Genmaicha is a traditional Japanese tea, blended from Bancha green tea and grilled brown rice. The fresh vegetal notes of the green tea combine harmoniously with the roasted rice to give a very characteristic, slightly nutty, flavour.

Genmaicha is a great tea for those who are not used to green tea. An extremely refreshing tea that can be enjoyed either hot and iced, and is particularly suitable for drinking with or after your meals.

This is one of my favourite teas! (Ken)

Steeping Times:  Use one teaspoon per person. Pour on fresh water that has been boiled and then allowed to cool for 2 mins. Infuse for between 2-3 minutes according to your taste. Drink on its own without milk or sugar.

If you drink it cold with ice, it is a good idea to make the ice cubes with the tea too, so that the taste isn’t watered down.

For the perfect cup of green tea, be sure to check out our brewing guides.

Additional Info

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Tea Type

Green Tea



Contains Caffeine



Serve without milk

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