Ceylon Black Tea – Full Leaf 100g


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Quantity /person

1 teaspoon

Water Temperature

95°C / 203°F

Suggested Steeping Time

4 mins

Ideal Time Of Day To Drink

Morning Afternoon

Ceylon Black Tea Full Leaf

A Smooth Black Tea Ideal For An Afternoon Treat!

Ceylon black tea is made from fermented young tea leaves and is known for its robust flavour profile.


Ceylon black tea is native to the Eastern Sri Lanka, in the tea growing region of Uva. The signature flavour profile of Ceylon black tea is an acquired taste for some—but just as with fine wine, is a taste you will crave as your palate for tea continues to develop.

Tea Profile

This bright coloured tea has a smooth finish. It is sweet and a bit nutty—and has a pure flavour profile. Our Ceylon tea is an ideal afternoon tea, due to its refreshing nature. Most add a bit of milk or cream to highlight its flavours—but can be enjoyed black.

Why You Will Love It

This heart-healthy black tea is high in antioxidants that are linked to protecting your body against cancer. Our organic Ceylon tea provides you with the caffeine you desire—and its bold flavour is a nice compliment for a sweet afternoon snack.

To enjoy at its best brew with fresh boiling water using one teaspoon per person. We always recommend soft water if possible but with many of these Ceylons, this is even more important. Allow 4 minutes for infusion then pour, removing the leaves at this point if using a teapot with an integral filter.

Steeping Times:  Use one teaspoon per person. Pour on freshly boiled water.  Leave about 4 minutes to infuse.   Drink with or without milk or sugar.  You can re-steep the leaves 1 or 2 more times

For the perfect cup of black tea, be sure to check out our brewing guides.

Additional Info

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Tea Type

Black Tea


Sri Lanka

Contains Caffeine



Enjoy with or without milk

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