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The Why and How…

“My Name is Ken and I’m a Teaholic!”

Ken - The Tea Doctor
If this was my first visit to one of those “Anonymous” meetings I would lift my head proudly and shout “My name is Ken and I’m a teaholic!”

I have a passion for tea but I had no idea how much of a passion until I moved to France. When I arrived here, I realised I would need to take out a mortgage to pay for a tea good enough to satisfy my personal taste.

The reason for this is that in France tea is seen as a speciality drink with a speciality price to match. Whereas in the UK, my country of origin, around 165 million cups of tea are consumed each day, making it much more of a commodity, and therefore, sold at a much lower price.

“Something must be done, dear!” said I, in a very British tone to the lady in my life, Sophie.

And so…


About Our Company

From a passion for tea to a business, Steeping Times was born in 2011.

Sourcing very high-quality teas from the UK, I began selling them at special fairs and events in France at very reasonable prices, introducing the idea that great teas can be available without the need to visit the bank manager.

Eventually, I created this website and after only a very short time, Steeping Times now has many international customers and is also becoming globally recognised for its free tea course.

My Promise to You

I sell teas that I drink so would never compromise on quality. Also, there is no tea-snobbery here – I don’t take tea too seriously and neither should you. Tea can be fun so experiment with it. Also, I don’t believe simple questions are stupid questions, so ask away.

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